[TOKUTEN PAPER] 先生、ダメです。- Sensei , Dame desu.
Well... I've kinda forced someone to get me to scan it? *SHOT*
Anyway, I'm sorry for the bad quality... My scanner can't do better Q____Q (the paper is supposed to be PINK =_____=;;;).

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I can't translate it but it seems to be very cute :'D.

I've been rather inactive on this... BLAME ALL THE SCHOOLWORK + PROCRASTINATION THAT'S HAUNTING ME Q A Q!! And I'll restart the 35 Days BL Meme when I'll be on X-mas vacations orz.

Other Stuff I've Bought Recently.
I gotta admit running a blog is pretty addicting. So yeah, here I am again, with my merchandise = wwwwwwwww =. That reminds me that I still have a debt of 250$ ish to pay *CHOKE*.

LAWN'S SKETCHBOOOOOK 8DDDDDD!! When I purchased it, I only had enough left in my card to get F. I wanted her ToV artbook too (AND HER STICKERS *SOB*). I asked her to sign it but she replied saying that she had already packed it so she'd doodle on the envelope. I DIDN'T EXPECT SUCH A CUTE DOODLE, THANK YOU SO MUCH TT UUUUUUUUUUUU TT!!!!

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Some part is NSFW guys.Collapse )

Showing Off My Non-Existent Drawing Skills :D.
What the title said. Sorry for the bad quality, I forgot to open the light at first and was too lazy to retake the pics after OTL.
Hello, Rika :D.

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k I messed up the lyrics, don't mind me orz.

More crappiness, please click :DCollapse )

Recently Bought Doujinshis.
I intend to do three posts today :D. So this is the 2nd. I really wonder if someone's gonna read this, actually.

One of the first thing you'll know if you befriend me is that I REALLY LOVE SPENDING MONEY. Only over Japan-related stuff though.
This post is going to cover most of the stuff I've bought recently, which's cost me more than 500$ CAD *SOB* because of all the service fees and shipping and stuff. And yes, I had a lot of trouble paying everything, since I'm still a 17 years old student with no regular income.
It took me hours to take all the pictures because it was my first time really using a camera and DAMN super good cameras don't allow you to take pictures if your hand's too shaky (try keeping a doujinshi opened, without damaging it, and taking a good pic of it with a Canon EOS 40D).

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First Times (first userpic, first post to journal...)
I've had this Livejournal account for almost 2 years but never bothered to post anything since I'm sure I won't keep up with it. It's always been like that, no matter how fun something is in the beginning, I would eventually get bored with it and leave it to rot. Plus, who the hell's gonna read my posts? But this time, I'm determined to keep this thing alive since, sadly, more and more communities refuse to let individuals with an inactive journal join.

I'm not sure yet what I'll be posting here but I guess I'll start with showing off the stuff I'm wasting my money on :D (of course, all related to manga and anime and stuff). And I'll probably do some memes. Maybe one day post up some crappy sketches too? Well, feel free to talk to me :D. I'm really friendly, I assure you ; u ;.


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